Services & Rates

Our line rates range from 12 to 16 cents. We charge per line rather than per minute to ensure you are paying for only what you use and not for extra.

Our transcriptionists are equipped with foot pedals and audio manipulation software which allows us to break down, slow and edit audio making transcription more efficient.

We have specialists in legal, medical, academic, business, media files.

We transcribe files in the following digital audio/video formats: M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4, MSV, AIFF/AIF, AMR, AVI, CAF, DSS, DVD, DVF, QuickTime, WAV, WebEx, WMA, and WMV. If we don’t transcribe in your desired format, let us know and we can see how we can help you.

If we are not provided with instructions or names, your transcript will indicate who is speaking with numbers (Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Speaker 3, etc). If there are more than three we might add a reference to gender for clarity.

For a small extra charge.

We edit our filler words like uh and um to make it. If you want filler words to appear in the transcript, please ask for “Verbatim” transcription when placing the order. Not this is also an extra small charge.

We accept all major credit cards and paypal.


With our web-based control panel. We have our own file transfer system which is easily setup or we can work with your system. Our IT team can pair us to your system.

Delivery time depends on the duration and size of the file. You’ll receive a notification when ready. On average it takes 36-72 hours but 24 hour turnaround is available.

We will upload your file to our server for you to download. When completed you will receive a confirmation email to notify you of your completed document. We are also able to email/upload document to your cloud or server. Let’s figure out a way it is easiest for you.


Please see our privacy policy here. We are also happy to sign a nondisclosure when dealing with your documents.

We have inhouse transcribers who have done rigorous training and testing.

If you are not satisfied we will redo it and provide the next transcript free.

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