Our experienced transcriptionists have served clients from many different industries. We set ourselves apart from the competition by paying close attention to the quality of the content, formatting, layout and presentation of the content. We also offer user-friendly methods for uploading your audio/video files and once you have uploaded your files you can rest assured that the transcript will be sent to you in an accurate and efficient manner.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Scriber will take care of the paperwork so the physician can take care of his or her patients. Our medical transcriptionists are intensively trained, committed, can accurately handle all medical transcription needs you may have. We understand your patient data is one of the most valuable assets you possess and so we treat it as such.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription (certified)

Scriber covers legal transcription for file preparations, court notes, interviews, cases, meeting reports and more. We do everything from official court proceedings, municipal, state, and federal hearings, police witness interrogations, 911 records and recorded depositions. Our trained team of in-house legal specialists will cater to all your transcription needs, providing accurate, high-quality, and safe legal transcription. Let us focus on the paper- work, so you can focus on the law.

General Transcription

General Transcription

Scriber also offers a wide range of transcription services for any other needs you may have including but not limited to: talks, sermons, speeches, interviews, academics, webinars, board meetings and conference calls. You need it typed and we are “hear” to help. Our transcriptionists have strong written communication skills and are very detail oriented to ensure an accurate final product is provided in the format you want it in.


Here Are Some Examples Of The Work We’ve Done In The Past:


Academic lectures

Accuracy is important to us, we proofread every document


(PDFs, books, notes, journal, printed document, handwritten notes)

Captions, Subtitles

Record through our app, dial in or upload online

Data entry

(let us type your lists in your format)

Timecoding or Timestamping

(reference points made to find a time in transcript and sync up with the audio or video file


No obligations, let us constantly work for your business

Special Formats

(video, dialogue/analog, and more)


3 Simple Steps
We Scribe
  • Login
  • Upload your files to our secure server
  • Select deadline and preferences
We Scribe
We Scribe
  • Trained inhouse Canadian based transcriptionists transcribe your files
  • Done by humans. Yeah, that’s right -no machines.
  • Every file goes through a quality check
We Scribe
  • You are notified when your files are ready
  • Download the file from your account
  • Pay your balance


  • 1-800 Number
    1-800 Number

    Always on the go? It is as easy as calling in. Dial in your designated client code and start recording. Your files will automatically be uploaded into our backend.

  • 1-800 Number
    Digital Voice Recorder

    Want a more traditional method? Use a digital voice recorder! Our recommendation: Olympus DM-720 Digital Voice Recorder. Plug into your computer and use our easy upload and download system via our secure website.

  • 1-800 Number
    Recording App

    For our more tech savvy users: use one of our partner applications to record with your handheld device and upload your files to our transcription software.


  • Any sound quality or accent accepted
  • Intelligent verbatim
  • Full verbatim
  • Express turnaround options
  • Time coding/stamping
  • Special instructions
Expect More than just Transcription

We’re not just passionate about transcription, but everything else that goes with a full and easy transcription experience. Every step of the way is strategically planned to heighten your experience.

Quality Control

We’re not just passionate about transcription, but everything else that goes with a full and easy transcription experience. Every step of the way is strategically planned to heighten your experience.

Security Compliant

See about us and our privacy policy to learn about all the precautions we take to ensure we are maintaining the highest level of security and privacy possible.

Client Focused

With a dedicated representative assigned to you, we assure you all of your needs will be met. We get to know our clients and customize the experience based on your needs. Want to have the files uploaded straight into your database? Want to create a customized payment plan? Let us know.

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